We are open for the season!

By admin on April 20th 2011 in News

This was our first open weekend with the new road front location and it was a great start to the season! Thanks to those of you that stopped by to say hello and shop at our Farm Store. It was great to see both new faces and old friends. For those of you that haven’t made it yet, we look forward to seeing you soon.

There is tons of spring activity at Flatbrook Farm right now:

  • All of the calves (8 total) have dropped and are healthy and happy
  • The new broiler chicks (meat chickens) have arrived and are in the brood house getting bigger and strong enough to go outside into the fields. Given that it’s still quite cold at night they may not go out for another two weeks since we want not make sure they are ready.
  • The laying hens are happy to be back in the egg mobile and rotating around the fields. They are getting re-acclimated and we anticipate having them start to lay eggs consistently again within the coming week. A small amount of eggs will be available so be among the first to get to the farm store this weekend to get your fresh field layed eggs before they are gone!
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Calves Update March 2011

By admin on March 25th 2011 in News

The Month of March is calving season. 

This year has  been hearty and happy for our herd.  We have had 5 calves all born strong and healthy, to good moms with full milk bags.  As of now we have 4 bull calves  and 1 heifer, 4 black and white and 1 all brown, genetics are a funny thing! 

Keep your fingers crossed for the same success for the other expecting moms.  We will keep you posted as they drop.

healthy and strong calf and mom

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Switching to Grass-Fed Beef

By admin on March 4th 2011 in News

Sustainable Farming and Grass-Fed Beef

The NY Time recently made a great blog post about the benefits of grass fed beef called Switching to Grass-Fed Beef.


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Welcome To Our Blog

By admin on March 4th 2011 in News

Welcome to our new blog. We are excited to share information and stories related to sustainable farming and healthy living with you. Hope you enjoy!

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