2016 Weekly Farm Vegetable Shares from May 31st 2016 – November 15th 2016

2016 Weekly Farm Egg Shares from April 19th 2016 – October 4th 2016 – SOLD OUT!

Madison CSA Membership:

  • Basic Vegetable share – $500. Focuses on salad ingredients and a few staple cooking vegetables per week. Suitable for an individual or couple to make a few meals per week. ($500/ 25 weeks = $20 per week)
  • Expanded share – $700 basic share plus more variety and specialty produce. ($700/ 25 weeks = $28 per week)
  • Pastured Eggs: 25 weeks X $6/dozen = $150

CSA Contact: Amy Naftal 973-476-5261 or flatbrookfarm@flatbrookfarm.com ; Any questions please ask. Please commit by contacting Amy and providing payment- shares sell out fast. First come, first serve. If you would like references we are happy to provide.

How the CSA operates:  Each week at the farm a share of freshly harvested produce and eggs will be packed and delivered to the designated pickup location for each of our members.  There will also be a selection of Pasture raised chicken beef and pork available for sale per diem; no commitment required.

Where/When:  The exact Madison, NJ location will be shared with those that express interest in participating. The products will be available for pick-up Wednesday’s 2pm-6pm.

What is in the vegetable share: The vegetable share will consist of a weekly portion of freshly harvested seasonal vegetables. The vegetable portion of the share will focus on salad greens, and vegetables that are great eaten raw. The share will also consist of a diversity of cooking vegetables, herbs, roots, and occasionally berries.