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Welcome to Flatbrook Farm, a beyond organic  family farm in Northern New Jersey, where healthy food is a way of life.  Flatbrook Farm is located  approximately 60 miles from NYC in beautiful rural Sussex County.
The farm’s several hundred acres of rolling hay meadows and woodlands allow us to raise our animals in a free-range, beyond organic, method that nourishes people and the environment.  Our animals are respectfully raised in a dignified and ethical manner through humane handling practices,  an organic grass-based diet, and are antibiotic and growth hormone free.

Our animals are strong, healthy, and raised the way nature intended.  Our grass-fed pasture raised animals are higher in the healthy Omega 3, and are drastically lower in saturated fats.
For more information regarding the health benefits to grass-fed pastured raised animals please see the following link

You can rely on Flatbrook Farm to fulfill your nutritional needs and moral obligations to our animals though products raised  following sustainable pasture-based practices.

Here’s to your health!