We raise our pigs in the woods so they can forage the way nature intended with the same sustainable approach as the rest of our animals.  In addition to individual cuts being sold we offer 1/2 or whole hogs sold in bulk.  The advantage to ordering this way is you get to customize how the butcher cuts your hog and get a bulk discounted price.

For 2018 we will be taking custom bulk pork orders as follows:

1) Place custom cut order by:  June 9, pick up June 23

2) Place custom cut order by:  October 17, pick up September 1

Email to let us know what you would like to reserve. We will confirm availability and then you can mail a deposit check in the amount indicated below. Deposit checks should be made payable to: Flatbrook Farm Sales, 2 DeGroat Road Sandyston, NJ 07827.   Bob Campbell (Farm Manager) will take your custom cut order over the phone 973-948-2554 (farm) or 973-598-5911 (cell).   Please plan to pick up at the Farm Store between 10am-5pm on the date indicated.  The balance due (after deposit) on the hog will be calculated the day before pick up when the meat is back from the butcher.  If you order a whole hog and opt to have it butchered by a local (10 minutes from the farm) non-FDA butcher, we can discuss a different pricing structure.
Our price per lb. includes standard processing costs.
Estimated Hanging weight (lbs)
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