Our animals are strong, healthy, and raised the way nature intended.  Flatbrook Farm practices the Serengeti Model of farming, which means ruminants (cows) are followed by birds (chickens and turkeys). We do this to allow the pastures to be grazed in different ways. This enhances a symbiotic relationship with mother nature that nourishes People and the Environment

Flatbrook Farm’s grass-fed pasture based system is far superior for the animals, kinder to our environment and results in nutritionally enhanced food.  Our farms strength comes from allowing our animals to live naturally on pastures and woodlands, and rotationally  graze on sweet grass and legumes until appropriate  maturity.

Our grass-fed pasture raised animals are higher in healthy Omega 3, and are dramatically lower in saturated fats. For more information regarding the health benefits of grass-fed pastured raised animals please click here.