Flatbrook farm’s Organically Fed Pasture Raised broiler (meat) chickens are “Label Rouge” quality hearty birds that have lived on pasture for the majority of their lives. Our antibiotic and hormone free chickens are hand raised by our daily rotation practices.

In our photos you an see the bottomless portable cages that are moved daily, one cage length ahead of itself.  This allows the chickens access to constant fresh forages, provides excellent sanitization and  field fertilization.

Bottomless cages provide the birds with shelter while still allowing them to have free access  to forage for their natural diet. Our chickens natural diet consists of all different types of seeds, strictly organic grains, green grasses, bugs and worms.  This is supplemented with non-GMO feed.  The end product is more flavorful tasting and  unlike any factory raised confined poultry.

In our system natural fertilization is returned to the soil, enriching our green  pastures, laying the grounds for a healthy and nutritious regrowth and allowing the cycle to naturally fortify itself.